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Magic Edit

Archive is a rare type of Magic which allows Hibik/Chibiki to transfer information to and from people for various purposes. With this, he is capable of coordinating the movements of his allies as well as knowing their present conditions and giving them new knowledge. As a result of this, Hibiki usually distances himself from the battlefield and acts as a command center of sorts, but is capable of defending himself should the need arise.

Appearance Edit

Chibiki is a slim young man of average height with spiky brownish blond hair framing his face. He has dark eyes and really long eyelashes.He’s considered handsome by most girls, many of them being willing to join the Blue Pegasus guild just to be near him. Chibiki wears a dark suit with a pair of distinctive light lines circling each sleeve and leg and his guild symbol on his left shoulder, over a blue shirt, closed around the neck by a tie, and polished dark black shoes. Chibiki is known for his sparkling face, smooth skin, and very strokable hair.
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Personality Edit

Like the rest of the Trimens, Hibiki sparkles, and is fabulous. He is also very charming, and many girls fall for his sparkles and charm. He enjoys talking in all caps, and is very easily subjected to feels. Hibiki is very loyal to his friends, or should we say his family.

MLG Hibiki

Hibiki is very capable of protecting his friends, his nakama. He would be a very use full "geek guy" in the case of a zombie apocalypse. Hibiki is also very kind, and has faith in alll those around him. Chibiki's personality is hard to describe, but all agree that he is one sparkly gentlemen.

Chibiki is also very random, hence the orange truck, guavas, meows, and the new hit single,"Chibiki Got Ran Over By A Farm Truck".

Likes and Dislikes Edit

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Hibiki's "House"

Chibiki likes guavas, orange farm trucks, sparkling, being with his fabu twin, reading fanfics, watching anime, procrastinating,