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Hiya guys! Welcome to the wiki page! ^-^. This wiki belongs to Angypielover3, she and Nina Lates are admins. We're very untraditional here.. Also. WE. DO. NOT. own Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail is owned by Hiro Mashima and yatta yatta yatta. Enjoy our ocs, original (messed up canon) characters, and awesome people.If you're in the chat, then you're probably on this wiki page I know. XD. If you want to be an admin, ask Angy. If you know you're not worthy of being an admin and all you're gonna do is screw things up.. DON'T ASK! XD. Well. That's all I have to say for my intro, Enjoy the wiki! Become a member, join the craziness of our wiki!

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[room ~Angy-Cake: Welcome to the chat room! Here most of the men are pervs and the women are either breasty or flat chested! Here we shout WALLL and worship chatzy-sama. If you're not scared off but the intro, then welcome! Enjoy our MLG and sparkles, we allow all OCS and have drama constantly! But this chatroom is a family, and we're welcome to welcome you to it! Please don't be afraid to unleash your craziness! Have fun, please know what fairy tail is, and use protection!