Learn About Le LilithEdit

  • Lilithu
  • Chibi Lilith (Credit to Nashi)
  • Kid Lilith
  • Kid Lilith #2
  • Neko Lilith
  • Teen Lilith

Lilith is a very sweet and caring person. Her personality is based off myself, though. Lilith would do what I would do in real life, and sometimes I like to have a little fun and have her do things that I'd want to do in real life, but can't do in real life. She is very emotional and sensitive, causing her to tear up at the slightest yelling that's directed at her. All and all, Lilith is nice and sweet like a strawberry. She can sometimes be a bit rebellious, as she was very rebellious, feisty, cold, and short tempered when she was a teen.

Lilith's mom's name is Dawn Hatakimasu, and her father's name is Lance Hatakimasu. She never really got to see her father in  her life time, but she has recently gone on a whole adventure to an island to find her mother.

She has a huge ice dragon named 'Icicle'. The dragon is male.

Lilith as of now is about 21 years old.

Lilith is a Sky Dragon Slayer, and was raised by Grandeeny along with Wendy Marvel, her step sister (tECHNICALLY). Soon, Lilith might get a new magic. She might bring back one of her old ones, she might get a new one, who knows?

Fun Facts About Lilith:

First fun fact: Lilith was originally supposed to have short black hair with blue streaks in the hair, a giant blue fluffy coat, white shorts, and a purple sweater. Unfortunately, after a while of having her like that, I could never find a reference, so then I switched her look to white hair with blue streaks, a purple sweater, and white shorts. Again, I couldn't find a reference for that either. So, I switched it to simple white hair, blue eyes, white shorts, and whatever top (usually a tank top). And that is the Lilith we have today.

Second fun fact: Lilith originally had three powers/magics, which were Archive, Requip, and Sky Dragon Slayer. After a while of Lilith having Archive and Requip, I just sort of forgot about those magics and just had her have Sky Dragon Slayer magic, which is what she has today.

Third fun fact: Lilith was actually a model in the Daily Sorcerer when I first made her, bECAUSE ATTENTION WAS NEEDED EVERYWHERE.

And the final fun fact: Lilith used to be very introverted. She'd hide under her giant blue coat, and just sit in the guild while sipping on something. Lilith also used to be very clumsy when she was first made, and her clumsiness was the cause of her meeting Chibiki!

So that's all you need to know about Lilith for now. I hope you enjoyed!

-Your fellow extrovert, Lilith.