Luna Dragneel is a 14 year-old girl who so happens to be the daughter of Natsu and Lucy.She is known as the daughter of the stars.She is the Cosmic Dragon Slayer.She has a ex-ceed named Stella.

Magic Edit

Luna's magic is Cosmic dragon slaying magic. She can use celestial keys a little like her mother, but there is only one key that she uses; Scythe summoning key, she can use this key to summon different scythes and most of them have there own thing to them.She also uses dragon slaying magic like her father but instead of fire she uses cosmic/star power. She learned a thing or two from Mira like teleporting and eating a gold mineral that boosts up her magic allowing her to turn either in a half dragon state or turn into a full dragon! But that is rare most times.


Appearance Edit

Luna looks like lucy but has pink hair that sticks out just a bit.She has brown eyes. She wears a pink skirt accompanied with a sleeveless top that is black, white sleeves, and black boots that end right under her knee (basically the picture shown).Her Fairytail guild mark which is on her shoulder is the color blue.

Personality Edit

Luna is most like her father. She never backs down a fight, never gives up. But she is also kind and open about her feelings. If you think about it she is like a female natsu but with a few things from Lucy. If anything happens to her friends or nakama she will do anything to find out what happened and hunt down whoever did it. Of course there are very few times she will go overboard with the fighting and end up messing up a town (or two).She is kind,calm.and collected like lucy. She is also smart.

Nashi reading

Just chillin around

Luna loves being outside and running around, if it's raining she would be inside reading or writing while listening to music or hang out with her friends. 

Likes & Dislikes Edit

She dislikes is people who hurt or bully others, people who talk bad about Fairy Tail. Edit

Nashi shopping

Luna shopping for some things (maybe looking for a new key!)

The things she likes is shopping, reading, writing, going on missions with her friends and family, fighting for fun, being outside most of the time, and helping mira out from time to time. She likes Storm Fullbuster, and loved being with him, and loves, her friends, rosemary, Nova and Reiki.