(Let it be noted Nina's Fabulous and sparkly twin is Chibiki Lates, who she refers to as Hibihibi)


Nina and her twin

Nina and her fabu twin, Chibiki.

Nina's magic is water dragon slayer magic. She loves swimming, going to the beach, and most things water related due to this. Nina wanted to become a water mage at a young age, and got a water dragon lacrima implanted, as she was amazed by dragon slayers.

Appearance Edit

Repaint Nina as Kinana

Nina forced to help out Mira. (A repaint of Kinana, not our character, as Nina)

Nina has brown hair, that has a slight tint of gold in sunlight. Nina can usually be seen in jeans and a t-shirt, or a blue sweater. She is also very fond of sneakers and will occasionally wear combat boots. Sometimes, Nina will sport a garment with one of her ships on it. Note the Zalphy(Zeref x Alphy), Gruvia(Gray x Juvia), and Fraxus(Freed x Laxus) clothes. Nina is also not as breasty as most charcters(MIRA AND LUCY HOW ARE YOU SO BREASTY) which she is well aware of. 


All of the incest.

All of the damn incest.

Drunk Nina and Yuki

Drunk Nina and Yuki~

Nina is a very bubbly person. She is usually cheerful, and easily excited. Although she can get annoyed very easily, and will get furious at someone hurting others, especially her family(Fairy Tail). She is also very dramatic, and will not hesitate to throw sparkles in the air. She enjoys going crazy over ships, and will do anything for her ships to get together. She is very trusting, maybe a bit too trusting. She laughs all the time, and tries to make others laugh. She usually fails miserably due to her horrible jokes. Nina is also obsessive. She will obsess over her many senpais, as well as her ships. Currently, Gajeel=Senpai,(she can be considered slightly tsundere)which might be the reason to the millions of body pillows. She also has a soft spot for all hurt people or animals. When Nina is drunk, she can be very scary. She turns into a neko, nyas, offers weed omelettes, and loves her waifu, Yuki.
Repaint Alpha and Nina

Drunk Nina making Alpha uncomfortable. (A repaint of Lucy and Natsu, not our characters.)

Likes and DislikesEdit

Nina likes running around(as she is quite hyper), spending time with her friends, going crazy over ships, watching netflix, hugging body pillows, searching for a werewolf to mark her, pretending to be Juvia(As she secretly wants to be Juvia), staring at her senpais, making horrible(or should I say beautiful) jokes, being with her fabulous twin Hibihibi(Hibiki), making people feel uncomfortable, acting mischievous, dolphins, Yuki her waifu, Hibiki Whisky, and annoying her friends.

Look at our beautiful dance~

Look at our beautiful dance~

Nina dislikes people who hate, people who cant handle the fabulous, all of those haters, more haters, people who don't like Fairy Tail, people that say bad things about others, being poked, all those people that are going to die for looking at senpai(Hahaha just kidding...maybe), people that ship Nalu instead of Nali, all people that insult her ships, people that insult Juvia, the dark, dark water, sharks and killer whales, everything slightly scary.