~Appearance~ Edit

Noroi Dragneel, Mavis and Zeref Dragneel daughter. She has blonde hair like her mother’s and a tuft of black hair like her father’s, she wears a around-head-band with reddish frills on sides. She wears a black strapless dress, but when she goes on adventures she wears a black short skirt and a cyan tank top with a small leather black jacket, she also puts her hair into a ponytail. Noroi Dragneel is a 13 year old, her guild mark is located on her right shoulder and it’s black, if she’s happy and casts her mother’s magic it turns white.

~Personality~ Edit

Noroi is Happy, Playfull, Serious, Very Childish, and can also be very cruel. She is very kind to her big brother, Zero Dragneel. She loves to play pranks on people even the Master. Noroi in battle shows no mercy, she can be very dangerous at times. When her eyes turn red, a dark aura forms around her and she can kill anyone or anything in a instant. She also loves adventrue, especially with her friends.

~Magic~ Edit

Dark Dragon-Slayer Magic.

Black Arts.

Black Magic (Law).

Living Magic.

Fairy Law.

Fairy Glitter.

Fairy Sphere.


Illusion Magic.

Thought Projection.

Ankhseram Black Magic.