Appearance Edit


Stellar has natural white hair with some red streaks that she got when turned into a demon. It goes down to her hips and is usually tied back. Her eyes are a deep red, glowing brighter when angry and dulling when happy. She's always wearing cloaks, mostly black. But on some occasions she wears a cloak embedded with silver dragons.

However recently due to a unfortunate meeting with the council, she is now a wanted woman. Even if the council guards wouldn't be able to catch her anyway, a riot every time she wakes through the city wouldn't be fun. Because of this she has had Anri (A friend, member of Fairy Tail. They were friends back when Stellar was a part of the guild.) use her powers to alter Stellar's looks to how she wanted.

Her hair is now black, reaching up too her mid back. Due to Stellar's species eyes being extremely powerful, it was hard to mask them, but it was managed. Resulting into a dull green, her eyes will flash red when her emotions get too strong, including anger, sadness and happiness.

History Edit


She was born into a royal family into a world called Solis. But on her 6th birthday, the world she new was destroyed by a beast called the 'Heartless'. Losing all her family, her mother (who was once a wizard) used the last ounce of her magic to send her daughter to a safer place. She appeared in Earthland, meeting a group of friends. 'Takamori', 'Eve', 'Alice' and 'Chad'. They were all around her age, abandoned and alone. Becoming friends, they lived together for many years. She took a quick liking to Taka, the oldest in the group. And after the years went by, love blossomed between the two. But it didn't last long. The day she turned 16, she was kidnapped by one who was named 'Kaleine'. They had found out she was only person left in her species, causing her to be valuable. Being experimented on by this woman, she was locked away from other life. This carried on for around 5 years, before Kaleine had made what she had been locked up for. A way to turn anyone into a demon. As Stellar was