Tenki Hama Agure            

                                                             Tenki is a red haired guy who loves an assortment of coffee and women. He has fire, lighting and shadow magic and can also combine magics with one another or all three together. He has a business suit, red tie red eyes and a devious smile whenever he's happy. He joined Fairy Tail guild when he was walking through the streets, alone. He has the mark on his back and continues to fight for the guild.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Personality

Tenki is a cool minded, sly and cunning teen. He always stays calm in the face of danger and always looks out for his team. No matter what, he always is conversational, but he does have some flaws in magic and combat. He always has a mischievous smile whenever he meets someone new. 


His magic is powerful, however there's some capabilities he cannot do light, water, or cards. He specializes in ranged magic, acute combat and heightened perception and awareness. He can combine lightning with fire, shadow with fire and so on. Many combinations and possibilities are his advantage in magic but there are some flaws in his techniques.


He was born a little bit away from the big city of Fairy Tail. His parents were great until they decided to move away. When he was 10 he mastered fire. Three years of lightning and mastered that. Shadow took until he was 23. He is the age of 25 right now and joined the guild three months before he turned twenty five. He has single status and goes to the cafe every once in a while. He also stays calm and cool in battle and analyzes his opponents before actually planning something. He also has the speed and agility to run, dodge and sidestep out of danger or run past humans in a marathon. He was Natsuki was little.

He occasionally waits for someone on a bench and has a tendency to get nervous around some women. He also has the tendency to get a little sexual. Tenki is an awesome guy if you get to know him



"Well, well, well if it isn't your doom. Want to meet it


"Pleasure to meet you -kisses hand of woman-"