My Freaking Oc; Vira AkuraiEdit

Vira is a 22 year old female kitsune. 

Vira's Current Look

ing dangerous is crawling on the skin of her face. Or is there...?
No, I'm joking. That's creepy as hell.
Vira is a wee bit sensitive, and she can end up weeping quite easily. She can also get really ticked off if you  manage to get to that      (sorry for this incredebily large portion of nothingness)

Vira Using Her 'Cold Fire' Magic

point of her. Vira is often underestimated by strangers. Most people think she's just a weak little cute fox. Some say it outloud, some just think to themselves. This can get Vira into unfortunate fights.

Vira used to live in Hawaii (Maui) in a shared house with her friend Raia. But, Vira decided to move to Magnolia to become a mage and a member of Fairy Tail. Raia still lives in Hawaii, so when Vira visits she has a place to stay and someone to accompany her.