Magic~ Edit


Yuki is a Elemental Dragon Slayer. She loves all of the four elements. Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. She is a 1st generation Slayer, being taught at a very young age.

Looks~ Edit

Yuki Fullbuster is the sister of Gray, she is very kind, independent and reliable of her guild. She is a polite girl, but if you piss her off you'll end up in hell. Yuki has black-blue hair, dark grey eyes, and light tan skin. She wears a hot pink tank with a grey tee-shirt and black shorts, she often strips like her brother sometimes. Yuki is one of the strongest members in the guild and she gets along with everyone.

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Family~ Edit

Yuki is the daughter of Cherry, and when someone touches Yuki, Cherry will take them to hell. Yuki looks a little bit like her brother and acts like him. Her father is Silver Fullbuster. She has a sister, Soma. Yuki loves everyone though, and sees almost everyone as family.

Personality~ Edit

Yuki can be moody at times but she is mostly happy. If Yuki has a single drink of coffee, she will be bouncing on the walls, literally. The only way to get her calm, is to give her tea or something else to keep her distracted. Don't try to touch Yuki either, she will not hesitate to throw you out a window.

Other random things~ Edit

Yuki likes to be in her trash can, don't bother her when she's in it. She likes to run around and party a lot. It only gets fun when there's weed omelettes and Hibiki Whiskey involved.

She likes to annoy people, drink Hibiki Whiskey, her waifu Nina, climbing on people, tea, coffee, NALU, making new ships, yuri, yaoi, incest.

She dislikes rude humans, boys who flirt with her, anyone who touches Misaki or Nina, fighting, nali.

"Wake up everyday stronger than yesterday, face your fears and wipe your tears."

- Yuki Fullbuster