"I had no reason to come to this age. I'm not an ally to anyone. I'm not an enemy to anyone. But still, if an age is about to end right now... I might awaken once again."

Zeref's image

— Zeref Dragneel

Zeref is over 400 years old but looks like a young man. He wears high collared black and tan robes with a gold trim, and a flowing white toga draped around his torso. He has short black hair, dark eyes and he also wears a necklace.Zeref is evil but mostly kind also Zeref likes pudding and Mavis. Zeref hates redbull in his tea and he hates Chote, a strange tea guy. Zeref created Mard geer, the underworld king. Zeref's son, Derek, created Nexus. Zeref is the brother of Natsu Dragneel, a fire dragonslayer and his sister is Fai a fire dragonslayer also.